NFL Pre-season Penalty Problems

Flurry Of Flags

As if the NFL pre-season wasn't already difficult to watch, some of the new league rules are turning this year's games into a flag fest.

Photo: David Butler II / USA Today Sports

Bryan Cox on Hard Knocks

More than a Mouthful

He was already a star on the field, but now Falcons D-Line Coach Bryan Cox is becoming a star of the sidelines thanks to his hilarious rants on HBO's yearly look at training camp.

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Josh Gordon Suspended For 2014 Season

Gone In A Flash

Josh Gordon was officially suspended for one year by the NFL this week, will Gordon fight the ruling in court?

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Washington Nationals Best In NL

Nationals Treasure

The Washington Nationals appear to be finally putting it all together after a 10 game win streak that gave them the best record in the National League.

Sam Bradford Lost For The Season

Backup Plan

It sounds like a broken record, but St. Louis QB Sam Bradford is out for the season again with a torn ACL, again.

Wes Welker Suffers Another Concussion

Down And Out

After suffering his third concussion in the past year this weekend against Houston, Denver receiver Wes Welker's career may be on the line.

Smokeless Tobacco In Baseball

Disgusting Habit

In the wake of Tony Gwynn's death, Major League Baseball might be one step closer to finally banning smokeless tobacco altogether.

Pittsburgh's Bell, Blount Pulled Over For Pot

Smokin' Blounts

With the regular season opener less than three weeks away, Steelers running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were pulled over yesterday after an officer smelled marijuana smoke coming from their car.

Baltimore Orioles Lead The East

Runaway Train

Just like that, the Baltimore Orioles are ahead in the AL East by 9 games, giving them good reason be excited about what could be their first division title since 1997.

Kobe Bryant's Comeback

Kobe's Last Stand

After two injury filled seasons, Lakers star Kobe Bryant is returning to the court next season for what could be his final attempt to return to the player once was.

Manziel Gesture Controversy

Johnny Flipping Football

It was supposed to be about the competition for the starting QB job, but Johnny Manziel's Monday Night Football debut ended up being all about a gesture he made to the Washington bench.

Teddy Bridgewater's Maturation

Bridging The Gap

It's been a roller coaster ride for Teddy Bridgewater in the past eight months. Will the coaster end up with Teddy starting in Minnesota this season?

NFL Training Camp Fights

Boiling Point

It's not a new thing, but this year's NFL training camps seem to have a larger number of fights breaking out than usual.

2014 New York Yankees Playoff Chase

Bronx Bummers

Thanks to injuries and general underperformance, the New York Yankees find themselves in an unfamiliar position: on the outside looking in at the playoff race with only a quarter of the season remaining.

Kansas City Royals In First Place

Royal Flush

The Royals moved back into first place this week and are on a mission to snap the longest playoff drought in professional sports.

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